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Criminologist -  Freelance Writer - Journalist
Radio and Television Talk Show Host
Speaker - Storyteller

Christina Jacqueline Johns


Dr. Johns holds a Ph.D. in Criminology from the Faculty of Law of the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland. Her plays have been produced at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She has also worked as a freelance journalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Southline, and the Times Educational Supplement of Scotland. Dr. Johns taught criminology at the University of Edinburgh, George Washington University, and the University of Alaska. Her three books about criminology ( Power, Ideology and the War on Drugs: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure; State Crime, the Media, and the Invasion of Panama; and The Origins of Violence in Mexican Society) were published by Praeger. Her stories and commentaries have been broadcast on the Tallahassee affiliate of National Public Radio. She lives with her husband and five cats in coastal Georgia and is a storyteller, writer and performer.

Christina Jacqueline Johns   



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